Histórico de versões e alterações

July 10, 2023

Version 3.3


ㆍSwitched to Chromium V111

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed a handle and memory leak

ㆍFixed web page rendering at an offset location if the system scale level is set higher than 100%

ㆍTables with many columns are truncated when converting HTML to PDF

ㆍConverting HTML to PDF throws an exception on html with SVG images

ㆍSVG images not displaying when converting HTML to PDF

January 18, 2023

Version 3.2


ㆍUpgrade to Chromium V108

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed HTML to PDF converter not treating a page with header/footer contents as empty page issue

ㆍLinks are ignored when converting PDF files to HTML

ㆍURL analysis fails when converting a web page to PDF

ㆍRight side is cropped when converting HTML to PDF

December 13, 2022

Version 3.1


ㆍUpdated to Chromium V104

Bug fixed

ㆍitalic text not reflected when converting PDF to HTML

ㆍOverlapping Chinese characters when converting HTML to PDF

ㆍChinese characters are broken when converting HTML to PDF

June 22, 2022

Version 3.0


ㆍUpdated to Chromium V96

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed certain bootstrap 5 CSS rules causes the HTML to PDF converter to generate many blank pages at the end of PDF file issue

ㆍThe background color of the body does not work when converting HTML to PDF

ㆍCSS flex properties don't work when converting HTML to PDF

April 14, 2022

Version 2.9

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed delay loaded contents based on page scrolling position not rendered in the result PDF issue

ㆍSome links are missing when converting PDF to HTML

ㆍText formatting is ignored when converting HTML to PDF

ㆍSome text elements are misplaced when converting HTML to PDF

November 22, 2021

Version 2.8

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed an internal buffer overrun issue

ㆍImages are not displaying correctly when converting HTML to PDF

ㆍWrong image colors when converting PDF to HTML

September 13, 2021

Version 2.7

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed the HTML to PDF converter can take extremely long to convert a HTML file with multiple overlapping positioned elements issue

ㆍInline CSS in the HTML string is not applied in the output file

ㆍChinese characters are not aligned when converting HTML to PDF

ㆍHTML to PDF conversion interrupted due to high memory usage

July 10, 2021

Version 2.6


ㆍPerformance improvements

ㆍAdded shadow DOM support

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed PdfRender does not render form field content issue

ㆍFixed only the first column is rendered when using multiple column output for the HTML to PDF converter issue

July 10, 2020

Version 2.5

New Features

ㆍWebpage to Image


January 3, 2020

Version 2.4

New Features

ㆍIn 2020, we redesigned our website


ㆍOptimizations on user interface

ㆍSwitched to newer Chrome engine

ㆍImproved error message when conversion fails

December 10, 2019

Version 2.3

New Features

ㆍConvert PDF to HTML


ㆍImproved conversion process, higher availability

ㆍProcessing of PDFs was improved

November 20, 2019

Version 2.2

New Features



ㆍConvert Type


Bug fixed

ㆍFixed repeating table header/footer not working issue

September 20, 2019

Version 2.1

New Features

ㆍAdd page Number

ㆍConvert to grayscale

ㆍAuto Bookmark

ㆍWait Time

Bug fixed

ㆍ“Length can’t be Zero” exception in HTML to PDF

ㆍTable breaks into new page when there is still available space

ㆍZero default tabstop position is not supported well

ㆍThe line format isn’t corrected display on the PDF

July 18, 2019

Version 2.0

New Features



ㆍUse Print Layout

ㆍRemove JavaScript

ㆍRemove Link

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed a deadlock issue in the HTML to PDF converter

ㆍCommon — index in Segments indexer Exception

April 7, 2019

Version 1.9

New Features

ㆍSwitched to newer Chrome engine



Bug fixed

ㆍSometimes watermarked document is broken

ㆍWatermark is not being added on all pages of PDF

February 13, 2019

Version 1.8

New Features

ㆍPage size

ㆍCustom size



Bug fixed

ㆍFields become Invisible when encrypting the PDF file

ㆍAdded exception handling for invalid url

ㆍexception is thrown for nested table

February 6, 2019

Version 1.7


ㆍImplemented additional performance optimization for HTML to PDF

Bug fixed

ㆍHTML to PDF Table width not properly shown

ㆍConvert HTML to PDF missing image

ㆍFont is not setting properly while creating the PDF

January 13, 2019

Version 1.6


ㆍSwitched to newer Chrome engine

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed sometimes the HTML to PDF converter incorrectly insert blank pages for certain HTML issue

ㆍFixed the HTML to PDF converter sometimes misses the last text node in the document issue

ㆍFixed HTML to PDF sometimes render page with inconsistent layout issue

December 25, 2018

Version 1.5

New Features

ㆍConvert HTML to PDF

ㆍRights Management

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed block shadow not rendering correctly issue

ㆍFixed a memory leak that occurs when the resource was canceled inside a custom resource handler

ㆍFixed special characters in Url in result PDF file not properly encoded issue

October 13, 2018

Version 1.4


ㆍIncorrect Font detection

Bug fixed

ㆍError when accessing to document object

ㆍPdfConverter problem: Generated images rotate 180 degrees

ㆍSome graphic elements don't exist on converted pages

July 6, 2018

Version 1.3


ㆍImplemented additional performance optimization specifically for multi-core CPU system

Bug fixed

ㆍFixed custom resource handler for JavaScript sometimes incorrectly trigger the JavaScript file as a download issue

ㆍError on document loading

ㆍException occurs while loading PDF document

April 15, 2018

Version 1.2


ㆍImproved error message when conversion fails

Bug fixed

ㆍThrow exception if embedded font is not found

ㆍFormatting lost after HTML to PDF conversion

February 4, 2018

Version 1.1


ㆍModified code to be more tolerate to some minor errors in an existing PDF file when opening the file

Bug fixed

ㆍhtml Table breaks incorrectly

ㆍProblem with HTML table alignment in PDF

ㆍAll the text is bold when using HTML text to generate PDF

January 6, 2018

Version 1.0


ㆍStart of project Webtopdf.com

ㆍConvert webpage url to PDF file